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Skype Counselling UK

Accessing psychological and emotional support through online Skype Counselling UK, Zoom or Watsapp Video, has become increasingly popular during these uncertain times.

Historically face to face counselling was considered preferable, in more recent times online technologies such as Skype has made counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy accessible to everyone.

At Greenwich Wellness we provide therapy online to clients living in the UK and worldwide.

Skype Counselling UK  allows therapeutic support that would not have otherwise been possible during this time of isolation and social distancing.

Therapy via Skype can be invaluable to people during this current pandemic as well as those clients who are disabled or housebound, allowing access to Counselling Via Skype and psychotherapy without the need for travel and the safety of your own home.

With Skype Counselling UK your choice of therapist is not limited by location this also allows you to choose an individual who most resonates with your needs.


What kind of issues can be addressed with Skype or Zoom Counselling?

Almost any kind of personal issue can be addressed through online therapy. Over the years our online counselling services have helped clients with stress and anxiety issues, depression, bereavement and work-related problems, coping with difficult transitions, loneliness, sexual and self-confidence issues plus many others.

Our Counselling options can be either long or short term in English and Italian to our clients around the world. Skype Counselling UK  provides a valuable alternative to face to face therapy for English-speaking people living abroad.

The physical distance of therapy via Skype can be very helpful for those who are shy and also the thought of therapy too ‘exposing’, suffer social anxiety or that they clam up in new situations.

In addition, our hypnotherapist has found this particularly useful as she can then record the session for the client to use at there own leisure and for top-ups where they feel necessary.

Research studies of online and Skype therapy showed

A 2009 study led by the University of Bristol looking at the effects of online cognitive behavioural therapy for those who suffered depression found a 43% rate of recovery in participants and one Canadian study.

But what about studies looking at the effect of video therapy in particular? A 2013 Canadian study with a focus exclusively on video counselling vs. in-person counselling reported that “video counselling and in-person counselling had similar outcomes in regards to… rate of session helpfulness, pre and post counselling self-assessment, and rate of goal completion.”


Skype Counselling UK @ Greenwich Wellness Rooms

Skype Counselling UK  follows the same shape and structure of the traditional face to face therapy. Counselling via Skype from Greenwich Wellness Rooms can be useful for a number of personal issues.


How do Skype Counselling appointments work?

Our online counsellors, based in Greenwich meet with clients all over the world. This is not something new as our clients have been enjoying the benefit of seeing their counsellors when they are on holiday or travelling for work commitments for some years now.

Counselling via Skype sessions will be held weekly, by appointment. At the time of booking your Skype consultation, we will give you our Skype user name and ask for yours. Your therapist will conduct your online appointments in a private, secure room maintaining the same standards of privacy and confidentiality as in personal face to face therapy.

Those who wish to access therapy via the internet should be familiar with Skype technology. For successful online counselling, a reliable internet connection is needed as well as a private, quiet room in which to meet with your therapist online.


Reduced Cost Counselling During Covid-19

Payments for Skype counselling can be made by credit or debit card or by bank transfer. Complete payment details will be provided at the time of booking your initial Skype consultation. We are currently offering our hourly Skype counselling UK service at a reduced rate of £60.00 in these uncertain times to make Counselling via Skype more affordable for those in need of it.

All our therapists have a certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and belong to professional regulating bodies in the UK and all have experience delivering Counselling via Skype therapy online. If you are interested in Skype Counselling UK via the internet, your first online appointment with one of our therapists can be made today.

Disclaimer: online therapy may not be suitable for everyone, such as those who suffer from schizophrenia, epilepsy or if you are experiencing profound and disturbing mental health issues or have suicidal thoughts, we would recommend you don’t use Skype Counselling UK.
Please contact your GP to be referred to your local mental health outpatients department.

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