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Life Coaching

What is life coaching anyway? 

‘Life coaching’ has been around since the eighties.  You have probably heard of it and maybe even know someone who has been to see one.  

A life coach is someone who supports, encourages and believes in you with whatever you want to look into.  Whether it be work, money, relationships, family or something else. 

There are three categories of people that coaching works well for 

  1. People who are unfulfilled and dissatisfied, this might be displayed with a general unhappiness and disinterest in some aspect of their life. 
  2. People who are fulfilled and satisfied in a lot of their life and still want more 
  3. Everybody  The majority of people are ok and fine, is that enough? 
  4. You know how to live your life, you do it every day.  Can you do it better?  

Imagine you are learning a brand new sport, you take lessons to get the basics.  After that you might decide to carry on or not.  If you stop you will never have to play that sport again, you won’t get any better and you may remember the basics.  If you choose to carry on with a coach you could become an expert.  What if you have the basic skills to live your life, except you can’t stop playing?  Would it be useful to have some more skills, get rid of some bad habits and maybe, have a life that you enjoy more?  What if you became an expert in living and created more of a life you wanted? 

It is more likely to see people taking better care of their cars, homes and family than their own mental health and wellbeing.  Anxiety and stress are on the increase in society and can result in insomnia and legal addictions.  What if an unresolved issue can be resolved in a few sessions and life can move forward again? 

A life coaching session is a safe, non-judgemental, open space to freely discuss any area of your life including relationships, work, family matters, money matters, business, body. 

How to choose a coach? 


Does a coach need to be an expert? 

Yes and no.  A good coach is neutral, asking appropriate clean, non-leading questions to open up an area of your life and present a different points of view.  With this in mind any coach can coach on any subject.  A coach can have areas of expertise depending on their life experience which will help if they remain neutral. 

What can I get out of a life coaching session? 

To be honest as much as you are willing to commit to.  It is a client led process, where you talk openly about where you are today and where you want to be.  The coach helps you organise both of those things so it is clear. 

Why do I need a coach? 

The reason to seek out a coach is to get clarity on a subject in a non-judgemental, relaxed, space.  This clarity can help you choose goals, make changes and choices you couldn’t see before.  It is a matter of finding the right coach for you.

Sasha specialises in Life coaching


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